6 Tips to move with a child

1 August 2019

Whether you're excited or saddened by the change, it's easy to get lost in organizing a move. If you have children, you know that the unexpected is not an option. Children need stability, detailed explanations and reassurance day after day. Children, being children, need us, as adults, especially when a big change occurs.

So, how to facilitate the move for children?

1. Start packing their boxes while they sleep, especially toys.

However, leave toys available until D-Day so they always have some with them.

2. Prepare them in advance and involve them as much as possible

Let them pack their own bags, read them age-appropriate books on the subject of the move, or let them choose a paint colour for their new room. This will help them in the transition and visualization of a new home.

3. Ask for help.

It is always more difficult to organize packing, while taking care of children. Save time and comfort for the whole family by asking friends or family to come in and take the kids out of the house so you can focus.

4. Start at least 1 month (not 1 week) before.

If you now need twice as much time to leave home as before having children, it will also take twice as long to move your home ...

5. Prepare a suitcase for everyone.

Give each child a small bag which facilitates the separation of their belongings and facilitates the organization at each temporary stop of the course. Fill it with some personal items that they can carry along the move.

6. Give yourself and your children time.

Moving is psychologically disorienting and emotionally draining so take time. Start quietly by installing the children's room to quickly give a space that is clean and reassuring.

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